Before You Apply

Woods Charitable Fund offers two grant cycles per year and only accepts applications from nonprofit organizations serving Lincoln, Nebraska, that have communicated with us and have been asked to complete an application form.


Contact the Fund by telephone or by sending a 2-page letter of intent, including budget information, by mail or e-mail. Our staff can then help you decide whether it is worth your time and expense to proceed with a full proposal. Organizations interested in applying for Breakthrough Initiative Grants must contact the Fund to receive permission to complete an online Letter of Intent.

Many excellent proposals cannot be funded because there are absolute limits to the number of proposals the Fund can study thoroughly and support.

Please read the Fund’s Limitations, Timetable and What We Do Not Fund documents before contacting WCF. You also can review the list of considerations the Board of Directors makes when reviewing a grant proposal, view grants made in the previous year, and download a PDF or Word version of the grant application.

If your organization receives a grant, you will be asked to sign a grant agreement form requiring an online report on use of the grant in relation to the original proposal objectives and the program’s results. A selected number of grantees may be asked to participate in a post-grant evaluation to study program accomplishments in more depth.