Educare of Lincoln, Inc.


Support of the Beyond the Walls initiative, for this early-learning center to work alongside industry partners to address challenges in Lincoln’s early-childhood education sector

History Nebraska Foundation


Second and final payment of a two-year $40,000 general-operating grant for this foundation supporting History Nebraska and the sharing of Nebraska’s rich and diverse history

Lincoln Literacy Council


First payment of a two-year $150,000 general-operating grant to provide continued funding for job-skills training classes for students to enter higher-earning careers and meet the needs of Lincoln employers

Lincoln Littles


Three grants approved separately for salary and related support for the Wellness Workforce Navigator for this organization that seeks to help children under age 6 have access to high-quality care and education regardless of race, ethnicity or income, ensuring they are ready for school and a life of learning

Northeast Family Resource Center


First payment of a two-year $25,000 grant for staff salaries, training and development for this early-childhood center serving Northeast Lincoln

Total $194,000