Frequently Asked Questions

Woods Charitable Fund has prepared this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the questions below to reveal our answers.

Please review the answers provided here as well as the Apply for a Grant section before contacting the Fund.

Applicants must be invited to submit. You can also contact us by phone or e-mail to explain your funding need. At that time, staff will let you know if it would be worth your time to prepare and submit a full proposal.

WCF does not set guidelines on the amount requested. Your funding request should reflect the amount that is needed.

While WCF is willing to take funding risks to support innovative programs that may have trouble attracting other funding, we always encourage each applicant to broaden its funding base, if possible. The Fund prefers not to be the sole funder of any project.

If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the proposal will be accepted on the very next business day. Please see the grantmaking timetable in the Apply for a Grant section.

In case of an extreme emergency, you may submit a funding request of up to $10,000 outside of the submission timetable. However, you will still need to follow the standard submission process, by first approaching staff with your funding need. In these special circumstances, applicants can expect a quick turnaround on the funding decision and award check.

We look forward to meeting grant applicants after a proposal has been submitted. If you need guidance in preparing your proposal, please feel free to call or e-mail your questions to us.

No, not unless the project for which funding is requested is part of a collaboration with another organization(s). If it is not a collaborative project, you would need to wait a year from the time of your previous submission.

Not usually. But on rare occasions WCF will make grants to organizations not located in Lincoln in cases where the project is specifically focused on serving Lincoln or will have a unique impact on Lincoln.

No. WCF will make grants to those organizations and projects that fall within its funding interests (Arts & Culture, Civic & Community, Education or Human Services), but no specific percentage of WCF’s grant payment total is assigned to each area of interest.

View a list of the funding considerations made by the WCF directors.

You will be notified by mail or phone call within a week of the Board of Directors meeting. Please see the grantmaking timetable in the Apply for a Grant section.

If your request was funded without any contingencies, you should receive your check by mail within a week of being notified of your award. Payment times vary if there are contingencies placed on the award, as in the case of a challenge grant. In the case of a contingency or a multi-year award, WCF staff will discuss a payment timetable with you when you are notified of your award.

Yes. At the end of the grant period, the grantee must submit a final report. Additionally, the grantee may be asked to submit an interim report, depending on the terms of the grant agreement. Reporting terms, including pertinent submission dates, are included in the grant agreement form sent with the grant check. Please be sure to read the grant agreement form carefully and save a copy for future reference.In most instances, a grantee must fulfill all reporting requirements before applying for subsequent grants.

The Fund will notify the grantee when a grant report is delinquent. If the grantee fails to submit the requested report, the grant will be closed as incomplete, jeopardizing future funding requests.

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